IKZ-bios 5 (2020)
Secular Society and Religious Presence: Religion-State Relations

Angela Berlis, Douglas Pratt, , editors Published as a themed issue of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue 30 (2020) issue 2, 85 p. [ISSN 0926-2326]


ANGELA BERLIS / DOUGLAS PRATT, Introduction to Volume V  101-102
ALAN AMOS, Laïcité. The French State and the Muslim Presence in France. A Review Article 103-109
KYRIAKI MELETSI, Prevailing Religion and Other Religions in Greece 111-129
DOUGLAS PRATT, Modern Antipathy to Religion. The Challenge of Secularism and Religious Diversity 131-144
PAUL WELLER, Changing Socio-Religious Realities. Practical Negotiation of Transitions in the Governance of Religion or Belief, State and Society 145-162
HANSJÖRG SCHMID, Interfaith Chaplaincy in a Post-Secular Context 163-185
IKZ-bios 4 (2017)
Belief Diversity and the Lived Experience of Religion

Douglas Pratt, Angela Berlis, editors
Published as a themed issue of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue 27 (2017) issue 2, 1-169 p. [ISSN 0926-2326]

ANGELA BERLIS / DOUGLAS PRATT, Introduction to Volume IV  1-2
MARIANNE MOYAERT, Ricoeur, Interreligious Literacy, and Scriptural Reasoning 3-26
PAUL WELLER, Learning from Experience, Leading to Engagement: Lessons from Belieforama for a Europe of Religion and Belief Diversity 27-51
ANNA-KONSTANZE SCHRÖDER / SYLVIA MARTENS, Wisdom Gained in the Encounter with Others: Xenosophia and the Religious Pluralization in Switzerland 53-76
JOSEPH DANIEL, Christian Indians and Sharing Cultures: Key Insights and Lessons in the Context of Indian Nationalism 77-94
HANSJÖRG SCHMID, Dialogue in Conflict - Conflict in Dialogue: Unexpected Loci of Interreligious Theology 95-115
MIRIAM SCHNEIDER, Religious Communities and Interreligious Dialogue: Two Guidelines for Living Together in Multi-Religious Societies 117-130
MATTHIAS INNIGER, A Theological-Ethical Evaluation of Christian-Muslim Dialogue in the Swiss Army Chaplaincy 131-148
DOUGLAS PRATT, From Belief Diversity to Ecumenical Unity: Military Chaplaincy as a Model for Inclusivist Plurality? Lessons from the New Zealand Experience, 1939-1945 149-169
IKZ-bios 3 (2016)
Religious Minorities and Interreligious Relations: Social and Theological Challenges

Douglas Pratt, Angela Berlis and Andreas Krebs, editors
Published as a themed issue of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue 26 (2016) issue 2, 129-254 [ISSN 0926-2326]

ANGELA BERLIS / DOUGLAS PRATT / ANDREAS KREBS, Introduction to Volume III  129-130
PAUL WELLER, Balancing within Three Dimensions: Christianity, Secularity, and Religious Plurality in Social Policy and Theology 131-146
MARK SEDGWICK, Muslim Minority Rights in North Western Europe: Theory and Practice 147-163
DAVID CHEETHAM, Migrants, Minorities, and 'the Gift' 164-175
JOSEPH DANIEL, Indian Secularism: Affirming Religious and Cultural Diversities 176-189
DOUGLAS PRATT, Faith in a Secular Age: Religion as Minority Phenomenon 190-202
MILAN KOSTRESEVIC, Interreligious Dialogue in Bosnia-Herzegovina 203-214
STEFANOS ATHANASIOU, The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople: A Religious Minority and a Global Player 215-225
KYRIAKI MELETSI, Muslim Civilians, Muslim Immigrants: Religious Inclusion and Exclusion in Greece 226-245
ANGELA BERLIS, Addressing Structural Asymmetries between Majority and Minority: The Swiss Guidelines for Inter-Religious Dialogue 226-245

IKZ-bios 2 (2015)
From Encounter to Commitment: Interreligious Experience and Theological Engagement

Angela Berlis and Douglas Pratt, editors
ANGELA BERLIS / DOUGLAS PRATT, Introduction to Volume II         3-6
HERBERT WINTER, The Swiss Council of Religions: Its Role in Switzerland,
its Interreligious Engagement
ELHAM MANEA, Legal Pluralism and Islamic Law in the West:
When States Legally Sanction Discrimination
ADRIAN LORETAN, Discrimination against Women in Religions –
Must it be Tolerated?
ANNE HENSMANN-ESSER, Dialogical Authenticity in Biblical Radicalism 48-58
NORMAN SOLOMON, The Dialogue Experience:
Reflections on a Decade of Engagement
MARCEL POORTHUIS, Fundamentalism and Postmodernism:   
Two Threats to Interreligious Dialogue
PAUL WELLER, How Far Can We Go Together?
Reflection on and from the Development of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby
SHERYL A. KUJAWA-HOLBROOK, Sacred Spaces as Tools for Interreligious Dialogue 114-126
JOSEPH DANIEL, Different Expressions, Same Reality: The Indian Religious and       
Cultural Contexts as Fertile Ground for Ecumenism and Interreligiosity
SARAH BÖHM-AEBERSOLD, What Can we Learn from Ecumenical Pioneer, 
Bishop Eduard Herzog (1841–1924), for Interreligious Dialogue Today?
IKZ-bios 1 (2014)
Interreligious Engagement and Theological Reflection:
Ecumenical Explorations
DOUGLAS PRATT, Introduction to Volume I  3-5
PERRY SCHMIDT-LEUKEL, Interreligious Relations:
From Conflict to Transformation
DOUGLAS PRATT, Christian Engagement with Other Faiths:
Towards a Theology of Dialogue
ADRIAN SUTER, Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue: Lindbeck’s Cultural-Linguistic Model 41-64
ANDREAS KREBS, Dialogue and Truth: Kurt Stalder on the Theology of Religions 65-79
HANS UCKO, Jewish-Christian Dialogue in the World Council of Churches:
A Retrospective 
HANSJÖRG SCHMID, Between Politics Theology:
Christian-Muslim Dialogue on Social Ethics
PAUL WELLER, Theological Ethics and Interreligious Relations:
A Baptist Christian Perspective 
ANGELA BERLIS, Historical Perspectives on Religious Plurality:
Historiography within an Ecumenical and Interreligious Horizon
PAUL HEDGES, Hospitality, Power and the Theology of Religions:
Prophethood in the  Abrahamic Context